The Barcelona Metropolitan Region tram has launched a campaign to tackle fare evasion and raise awareness among public transport users of the need to validate their ticket for each journey. With a play on words around fare dodging and justifications that won’t wash, the campaign uses the slogan “No excuse” along with various excuses that ticket inspectors and the customer service team hear on the trams every day, such as “I left my ticket at home” or “I just sat down to look for my ticket”. The posters also include a text informing people of the consequences of fare evasion – a €100 fine.

This campaign follows on from last year’s anti-fare evasion campaign, which used reverse psychology and invited users to “dodge your fare”, i.e. not to validate their ticket, at their own risk.

The number of ticket validations on the tram has increased during 2023, even surpassing pre-pandemic figures for some time periods, which is why ticket inspections will be stepped up over the period of the campaign. Currently, of the total number of ticket inspections carried out during the first half of the year, 1.38% on the Trambaix network and 1.83% on the Trambesòs network resulted in a fine. In the same period for 2022, these figures were 2.12% of all inspections on Trambaix and 2.86% on Trambesòs.

The campaign will run for one month and will be displayed on the trams themselves (vehicles, stops and ticket validation machines) as well as on the website and social media. In addition, the campaign will be accompanied by an increased presence of ticket inspectors on both networks.